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Kenneth Meyer, President & Innovator: My Dad passed away on New Year's Eve 1996 at the age of 73. A man more honest than Abe, Dad was also a hard-working, humble and extremely spiritual man, including our church council president for 30 years. After his retirement, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease and the last six years of his life were devastating to say the least. His wish was to be cremated and his urn passed around the family from year to year. I wanted a different solution...it wasn't enough for me. I came up with a new way to honor my father. I combined the functionality of an urn with the personalization of a prayer card to distribute to all members of the family. After 2 years of development, I finally had my product—a cremation keepsake named Legacy Card.

On Mother's Day of 2008, I presented my mother and family members with my father's Legacy Card, adorned with my favorite image of Dad, a meaningful verse and each with a symbolic portion of his cremains. It was an emotional day of celebration. Mom carries his "spirit" in her purse and feels especially comforted with this tangible reminder when she attends church services each week. I know my father is with me every day—in spirit and in my pocket. I dedicated Legacy Cards to Charles D. Meyer, my inspiration.

as I was designing a new order, I thought of my friend and decided to make a card for Trix as her own personal memorial.  When I presented a memorial of Trix to my friend, I cannot understate the joy and tears she had knowing she still had a symbolic memory of Trix with her. This moment is when I decided to launch what became the “My Pet At Peace” division of Legacy Cards. As a lifelong pet lover, what a comfort to know that owners like myself, share and hold onto the memory of a beloved part of the family as I have.  Memorializing your unforgettable Pet is my business and for me, it's personal.





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