Be Sure to Email us your Favorite or Most Memorable Moments. In the meantime here are some special moments from others.


: my first K9 police dog and never hesitated to enter into dangerous situations. He and I were indeed best friends. My favorite part with Nyx was engaging the community to during National Nights out campaigns.  I would show how the kids /parent in our community how Nyx responds to commands and explain many of the dangerous situations he had been in. I would pull a child from the audience and ask him to distract Nyx with a treat, a whistle, or whatever to break his concentration. Not once in the 8 years he served along side me had he broke his concentration on the command given. Nyx's developed severe dysplasia  toward the elder years and retired as an Police officer in 2011. I could tell when I was placing my uniform on each day, he would be ready at the front door with me like always. I'd say Nyx, you served your time, it's time for you to rest buddy.  Like any other pet, he would greet me at the door and wait for me to tell him the stories of the day. I lost Nyx a few years later.  For those who never felt the bond between a loyal pet and its owner, be able to read each other is an incredible feeling, almost like we were one when on duty.  Nyx, I salute you as an officer that served along side me and as a one incredible friend, I miss you but will never forget you.





Luna: We picked up our puppy during a evening meeting with the breeder.  During our drive home, my husband and I started shooting out names but none stuck.   We agreed it would come to us over the next day.  We never noticed but a Full moon was upon us and while in my arms she struggled to get closer to the window. I said "what are you doing you silly dog" ?. She was transfixed on such a beautiful moon and then she began to howl..... We laughed so hard and my husband said honey, she just named herself, She's our "LUNA" , I loved it.  all these years, we would hear you Howl at the moon.  It's been a few months without you now and I tear up each time when a new moon is high up in the sky. No one knows this but as I wipe my tears, I send out a little Howl back to you to say hello. I miss you so much.

 Always a Trouble Maker.


Snappy Chappy:  I  LOVED dressing you up.  I loved your tuxedo. Everyone still reminds me of those days when the family dressed  you up for all the holidays and home party events. You were and still a hit, we miss you dearly. We're sure your the Snappiest Schauzzer who ever crossed the Rainbow Bridge. 


Quinn: The RUNT with a gentle heart, always in out hearts. Quinn was such a obedient friend, Even though we lived on the edge of city and suburbia, Quinn was raised without a leash. He love his freedom and never strayed during a walk around the neighborhood. Loved my friends and adored by our family. Quinn was the perfect gentlemen and Ryans partner in grime.  I know you took a lot of blame for his antics and him getting dirty.. quinn pushed me , Quinn this, Quinn that..... You took the hit like a true friend should. PS, we always knew it was him and not you... Miss you Quinny.